Sensory Deprivation has become another way for us to truly relax and repair in this modern hectic world. Floating in a warm bath of magnesium salt enables your body to relax effortlessly. The salt oxygenates the muscles and releases stress inducing hormones. It can calm the mind and clear negative thought patterns. Blood pressure comes down, muscles release, blood flow is increased to the body and your whole system revitalises and repairs itself.

Floating can be done with an open or closed lid, with soft mood lighting and music to help you relax, your preference. It can also be quiet and dark, depending on how you like it.

Floating is the best treatment for a tired body.  It is well documented that the salts used, oxygenate your muscles causing them to release the cortisol and tension, allowing the blood to flow more easily making the bodies job a little easier.

It also deprives your senses allowing your mind to rest.  It is like floating in space without interruptions or intervention from electrical devices or computers.

Benefits of Floating

It naturally lowers anxiety, decreases stress, helps with mindfulness and relieves muscle pain. It can also reduce cortisol and cortisone hormones. It is  known to help with depression, improves sleep quality and increases energy.

It assists in: Sleep, Anxiety, Body Pain, Meditation, Exhaustion, Anger and Depression.

The Floatation Pod…

Our pod will calm and relax you while you are suspended in time and motion. Your body will float in a warm mineralised solution, pure and filtered for your safety.

You will be gently cocooned in the calming environment of the pod – with options for soothing light and music or complete sensory removal to be fully immersed in the experience.

We show you how to get the most from your float. Shower first to remove oils and dirt. Use the supplied ear-plugs for clear ears. We supply vaseline for any cuts, as salt stings. Use the supplied hand towel in the pod if you need to touch your face, as the water will sting if in your eyes too. Then a luxurious shower.