Our Mission

Hills Healing Retreat is for you to find and heal your true self. We provide tools for your spiritual, mental and physical growth in a gentle and natural environment.

We use organic and chemical free products in every aspect of your journey, that allows you to heal and repair in your own time.

We offer individual healing plans with dietary advice, meditation, sound healing, essential oils, spiritual healing, floatation therapy, body and face care, muscle repair and muscle performance techniques.

I believe we have so much hidden potential in our lives, that becomes apparent as we learn and grow. By releasing unnecessary emotional and physical baggage, our full potential is within reach.  We just have to want it.

Let us bring you home to nurturing, calming and rejuvenation of self.


Why I Do This…

At the tender age of 14, I began working in Pharmacy where there was a strong influence on health, vitamins and the necessary elements to a healthy body. We were taught how the body needed certain vitamins for absorption and how this affected our systems.  I moved from Pharmacy Assistant to Beauty Therapist/Masseuse and worked for many years in the Health Club industry.  I was tutored by body builders and physical professionals in the art of massage and reflex trigger points that can increase muscle potential.

I then took it on myself to start my own business in the Health Club industry and worked doing 5- 8 hours of massage and facials daily.  I was at my peak in fitness and did another aerobics class just for fun, then swam for another 30 minutes before work.

When I became pregnant with my first daughter, after 5 years of trying to fall pregnant and 2 IVF failures, I decided to work from home, offering the same treatments and professional service.

17 years ago, my hubby and I built our home in Gooseberry Hill to include a purpose-built treatment room with tropical, relaxing surroundings in the Perth Hills.  Trees, kangaroos, silence of the bush and nature at every turn.  Many people have enjoyed Day spa’s at Inner Harmony Day spa over the 17 years.  In 2009 we added a float room and float tank to our services.  This was great until lightning struck and left us with necessary repairs, we decided to let them go to a new home.

During this time, I began my spiritual journey with 5 years of guided meditation, learning that there is so much more to the body than we can see.  5 years ago, I needed to do something for myself and began my journey into Kinesiology.  I was 100kgs and in a lot of pain and discomfort.  My back was never free from pain and my emotions were everywhere from having another two daughters, one who has Down Syndrome and Autism while the older daughter has Autism symptoms also. 

After completing 4 years of study and achieving an Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology, I am now 85kgs and no pain at all.  We constantly worked on each other when learning and released old patterns and emotional trauma. I have learned more in the last 5 years than I have in the last 40. 

Hills Healing Retreat is the new name of Inner Harmony Dayspa now and we are adding a Dream Pod back into our services.  Having floats, Kinesiology, Massage and Beauty all together makes our services stronger for better results in natural healing and health.  By combining these modalities, it becomes a benefit to male and female health and wellbeing.



Of the things we do, the people we meet and what inspires us. We hope to inspire you too…