Chakra’s and Meridians are the energy lines that run through our body. These have been known for thousands of years in Buddhic, Chinese, Tibetan and Indian medicine. Our energetic body is on the outside of our physical body and absorbs the incoming energy from our daily interaction with others. If we are aware, we can react in time before it becomes physical, but usually, at the fast rate of the world, we only notice when it turns physical. This is where Kinesiology can reduce the stress caused by the outside world and bring us back to internal peace, no matter what happens on the outside. A more positive outlook.

Stress is an increase of Cortisol, Adrenalin and other hormones that we need to keep our body going at a fast pace. When we are stressed, our body has to stop digesting, reproducing, repairing and maintaining good health because it does not have any more energy to give. It gets burnt out trying to keep up with the pace. Thats when we get sick by not listening to our inner voice. Our body makes us stop so it can recover. All it needs, some days, is to stop and rest. Listen to your body and be aware.